HTASC Staff are here because of their commitment to the HTASC mission to provide a program that facilitates academic success, develops strong character and creates independent thinkers with a love of learning.

Oh,...and they love children!

Ms. Shaundrakena Gills (Miss Shaun): Program Director 

We are thrilled to welcome BACK Ms. Shaundraneka Gills to HTASC! " Miss Shaun" taught the younger children at HTASC a few years ago and was much beloved.  She left HTASC to pursue an exciting opportunity in the private sector of education. After gaining valuable experience in the administrative aspect, she returns to HTASC as its new Program Director. She will guide this awesome team as they work together to provide the very best after-school experience possible.


Miss Shaun is also a published writer of poetry and enjoys time allowing her artistic talents to flourish. She enjoys camping and hiking and being in the great outdoors. 


Please come welcome Miss Shaun back to HTASC!

Ms. Kacy Sharpe (Miss Kacy):  Teacher in Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade Classroom

Kacy Ann Sharpe was born in Jamaica and has a B.A in Education. She has been an integral staff member at HTASC since 2016. After several years with 3-5 grade students, she moved to K-2 classroom. Her compassionate teaching style makes her a beloved favorite amongst our youngest students.


Teaching has been a passion for Kacy for over seventeen years. Her mission at HTASC is to create a stimulating classroom environment that will instill and enhance a lifelong love of learning among her students.  When not teaching, Kacy enjoys traveling, reading and cooking.


She is thrilled to be a part of the supportive and creative team at HTASC and is looking forward to introducing enriching activities that focus on creativity, exploration and fun!

Ms. Salina Thompson-Boston:  Teacher in 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Classroom


We extend a warm welcome to Ms. Salina Thompson-Brown who joins HTASC for the 2023-2024 school year!


"Miss B" has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and is working toward a Master's degree in Child Psychology. She was a teacher in the New York City public schools for years. She also worked in after-school programs in the Bronx. After relocating to Poughkeepsie recently, she is excited to be "back with the kids!"  We are thrilled that Miss B will bring her vast teaching experience and expertise to HTASC.


Miss B enjoys the solitude of hiking, as well as being a mom to her own children. She is excited to join HTASC and hopes to provide an enriching after-school environment for our students to continue their education in a fun and safe place.


Feel free to drop in to meet Miss B during program hours, either with or without children. 

Ms. Sierra Kapple:  SEL Coordinator (Social-Emotional Learning)


Also joining the HTASC team this year is Ms. Sierra Kapple!  


"Miss Sierra" has a B.A. in Psychology from Marist College and will continue her post-graduate studies in School Counseling. She is passionate about social emotional learning in education and her position at HTASC is perfect for honing her professional skills with children. She is dedicated towards providing children with the lifetime social-emotional skills that will help them thrive both academically and personally. Miss Sierra has previously worked with children in the HTASC summer camp as the coordinator for outdoor games and is familiar with the program!


When not in the classroom, Miss Sierra enjoys exploring the outdoors, journaling, and spending time with friends and family. She looks forward to working with a team that is passionate about positively changing the lives of children in and beyond the classroom.



Feel free to stop in to meet Miss Sierra!