HTASC Staff are here because of their commitment to the HTASC mission to provide a program that facilitates academic success, develops strong character and creates independent thinkers with a love of learning.

Oh,...and they love children!

Ms. Simpson: Program Director 

"Ms S" started with HTASC as the teacher of the 3-5 class. In 2018, Vivien Simpson took the reins as Program Director. Since then, she has transformed HTASC into an exemplary program where children learn, build strong character and feel respected and loved.


Vivien has a Masters of Arts in French from St Andrews University, Scotland and a Masters in Teaching from Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. 


In her spare time Vivien loves reading, cooking and any outdoors activity. She is thrilled to join HTASC as Program Director and her passion is to inspire and help all children to be their very best selves both academically, socially and emotionally.

Ms. Gill:  Teacher in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade Classroom

We are delighted to have Shaundraneka Gill (Ms. Shaun) on the HTASC team as our K-2 Lead Teacher. 
Shaun graduated in 2018 from Bard College with a degree in Sociology, and up until May she was a programming coordinator in the Student Activities Office at Bard.  Shaun is passionate about youth development and mentoring and she has extensive after-school experience with elementary age children. She is committed to engage and support her students with purposeful and fun activities.  Shaun enjoys music and hiking.

Ms. Windett:  Teacher in 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Classroom

Kacy Ann Windet was born in Jamaica and has a B.A in Education. She enjoys traveling, reading and cooking.


Teaching has been a passion for Kacy for over seventeen years. Her mission at HTASC is to create a stimulating classroom environment that will instill and enhance a lifelong love of learning among her students.


She is thrilled to be a part of the supportive and creative team at HTASC and is looking forward to introducing enriching activities that focus on creativity, exploration and fun!

Ms. Woodall:  SEL Teacher (Social-Emotional Learning)

Jayda Woodall came to HTASC as a Group Leader for the Summer Camp of 2019. She was just a joy with the children and a highly effective leader!


We are thrilled that Jayda joined the HTASC teacher staff in the Spring of 2021.  As a college student at Oneonta in Early Education, she brings fresh new insight and enthusiasm to the program. 


Jayda is a sports and recreation enthusiast that brings terrific energy to HTASC.