H.T.A.S.C. is currently closed due to mandates to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  


HTASC staff is currently preparing "Brown Bag Activities" for the children.  Large Tupperware bins are stocked weekly with "fun packets" (booklets of puzzles, games and coloring pages), projects to do at home. There's even a bin full of age-appropriate books for the chidlren to take home and read.


HTASC will reopen as state, county and local authority allow.  Reopening plans will be posted here.


During the re-opening, parents should be confident that HTASC staff will follow all recommended guidelines for the health and safety of the children, their families, the community and themselves. 

School Calendar


H.T.A.S.C. is open when the Poughkeepsie City Schools are open. 

H.T.A.S.C. will be closed if CoP Schools are closed or have early dismissal, or no after-school activities, due to inclement weather.