Our mission at HTASC is to provide an after-school program that facilitates academic success, develops strong character and creates independent thinkers

with a love of learning. 


o  Our Core Values at HTASC:

§ All children are capable of learning.

§ Children learn at different rates using different talents and strategies.

§ “Character” can be taught.

§ When children are aware of expectations and consequences, they make better decisions.

§ Strong connections between school, home and after-school program optimizes student growth.

§ All children are able to set and meet personal goals.

§ Fostering curiosity is an excellent strategy in teaching.


o  Our Goals at HTASC:

§ Students will complete daily homework assignments.

§ Student will be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities.

§ Students will demonstrate respect towards adults, peers and property.

§ Students will experience lessons and activities that build on their interests and strengths.

§ Students will be taught using differentiated instruction.

§ Students will develop a love of learning.

§ Students will develop independent learning skills.

§ Students will receive support for emotional learning.

§ Students will learn to advocate for themselves.

§ Students will become aware of individual differences in themselves and others and be tolerant of those differences.

§ Students will learn to express themselves appropriately.

§ Students will learn to be resilient when faced with adversity or challenges.


o  Our Vision at HTASC:

§  A community where children’s lives are enriched as they explore their world and feel comfortable and confident in working to reach their fullest potential.