Our Programs

Homework Assistance

     Every day that the City of Poughkeepsie Schools are in session, HTASC is open to provide enrolled student with help in getting their homework done. Whether it's one-on-one tutoring, or just helping a child focus and stay on-task, our staff and trained volunteers put primary emphasis on homework completion.


 Learning Enrichment

     Almost every child has an innate desire to learn. They are curious. They are eager. However, all too often, "learning" is repetitive, not stimulating and BORING. At HTASC, we offer engaging learning opportunities each and every day that are FUN! Children willingly and eagerly engage in science experiments, art projects, book discussions, math games and more. Everything at HTASC is both educational AND fun!  Once their daily homework is completed, the children are invited to explore and learn!


Character Development/Personal Growth

     Using our own "6 Pillars of Character:" respect, caring, responsibility, community, honesty, and kindness, the staff and volunteers at HTASC create an environment when children are expected to Be Their Best Self. Child-friendly activities are used to teach the importance of being a respectful, caring, responsible, honest and kind person. Within the HTASC program center, children understand that a community is stronger when everyone is Their Best Self. 


HTASC Summer Camp

     The summer months can be long. Without school in session, learning is often "put on hold." Too often, children become complacent and unmotivated. Their brains, like every other part of the body, needs stimulation or else it will weaken.  Knowing this, HTASC offers a Summer Program during the month of July. "Enriching fun" is the goal!  The program offers age-appropriate academic maintenance activities, creative arts & crafts, cooperative games and best of all,..."experiential learning" during weekly field trips to historical, cultural and engaging locales in the community. Click HERE for more information on the HTASC Summer Camp.