In order to give parents confidence and peace of mind in sending their child to our program in the during this COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors and staff of HTASC have adopted the COVID-19 Guidelines.

Our guidelines will be modified as CDC and local recommendations are updated.


Harriet Tubman Academic Skills Center

Guidelines to Reduce the spread of Covid-19


The staff and Board of Directors of HTASC are eager to provide after-school programming for children in the City of Poughkeepsie. We are committed to being a program that facilitates academic success, develops strong character and creates independent thinkers with a love of learning. 


However, the health of the children and families we serve is of the utmost importance.  HTASC staff and volunteers are committed, not only to the mission of the program, but also to on-going efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 infection. 


Accordingly, HTASC staff shall STRICTLY adhere to these guidelines. Each parent/ guardian will be asked for their cooperation in helping us comply with the requirements. We are confident that, in partnership with the families of the children we serve, we can stay safe and healthy while learning, loving and having fun. 


These guidelines will be reviewed every 3 months and modified as necessary.


Guidelines to Reduce the spread of Covid-19


1.    HTASC will be open for programming ONLY if state and local mandates allow.


2.    Maximum capacity at the program is reduced from 36 to 20 children to allow for more social distancing amongst children. Accordingly, we request that every registered child attend regularly. If a child has many absences, his / her space will be given to a child on the wait list.  


3.    Program center will be thoroughly disinfected after each day. This includes all surfaces of classroom area, kitchen, office, entry vestibule and bathrooms.


4.    HTASC will have adequate supply of tissues, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and facemasks.


5.    All staff, volunteer and students at HTASC will be taught proper hygiene measures, and adherence is required at all times.


6.    Facemasks will ALWAYS be worn by staff and volunteers. Children will wear facemasks when social distancing of 6 feet is not possible. This includes one-on-one tutoring and group table activity. Paper masks will be provided daily and properly disposed of at dismissal.  


7.  In order to give staff time for daily health checks, and for the safe serving of a healthy snack, students MUST arrive on time. Students arriving late for HTASC Program will not be allowed to enter, as those REQUIRED procedures/precautions will not be available after 3:20pm.


8.    Staff, volunteers and children must pass a “health check” each day before entering program center. 


a.    “Touch-less forehead thermometer” will be used to measure everyone’s temps as they enter the program center.

b.    Anyone (staff, volunteer or child) with body temperature of 100* or more will be sent home.

c.     Staff will call child’s parent if he/she has a temperature exceeding 100*.

d.    Documentation of daily health check will be maintained (privately, and kept secure).


9.    Parents must agree to HTASC Covid-19 Positive & Contact Tracing Protocol:


a.    If staff, volunteer or child tests positive for Covid-19, or if anyone in the staff’s, volunteer’s or child’s household, tests positive for Covid-19, HTASC staff will be notified IMMEDIATELY.

                                               i.     The particular Staff/Volunteer/Child is not to attend HTASC program for 2 weeks AND a negative Covid-19 re-test result is obtained. Both conditions must be met regardless of presence or absence of symptoms.

b.    Anyone (staff, child or volunteer) that had close contact* with the person will be notified.

                                               i.     “close contact” is defined as being within 4’ of person for more than 10 minutes.

                                             ii.     Anyone that had close contact with the Covid-19 + person will not be allowed to enter HTASC program center for 2 weeks, unless they had a Covid-19 test with negative results. Documentation of test must be provided to HTASC.


10.    Each child MUST have a parent or guardian’s contact information provided

                                               i.     This includes home telephone number, cell phone number and email.  

                                             ii.     HTASC STAFF MUST BE ABLE TO CONTACT PARENT/GUARDIAN AT ALL TIMES.

                                            iii.     “Test calls” will be made to make sure proper communication is always possible.


11. Each child MUST have TWO emergency contact persons identified, with adequate contact information. HTASC staff will verify these contacts before child is allow to attend program.


12. Parents/guardians are no longer allowed in the program center. This includes visits and drop-off / pickup.  Parents/guardians are to wait in the lobby and child will be brought to them for dismissal.


13. There will be no guest speakers, assemblies from outside organizations or visitors to the program center until these guidelines are so modified. 


The Board of Directors and staff of HTASC are grateful for the on-going cooperation of the families of children that attend HTASC. By working together, HTASC will continue being a positive force in the lives of the children we serve, while striving to keep everyone safe and healthy.              


Thank you!